The bridal veil

In collaboration with Oliviers in Ålesund we have developed a dark chocolate with extra virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean region, topped with Maldon sea salt. If you like dark chocolate, we would strongly recommend that you try this fantastic combination of sweet and salt. The olive oil imparts an incredibly smooth consistency that makes the chocolate melt in the mouth.
The confectionary is named after the Brudesløret (bridal veil) waterfall, which has a height of water of 300 metres from Ytstehornet Mountain in the Geirangerfjord.


Hand-made marzipan with a taste of chocolate maker Bengt’s favourite Norwegian aquavit, «Gammel Opland» and a southern touch from the raisins.


Our new chilli chocolate will take your breath away – just like the view from Flydalsjuvet.
The well-known tourist attraction has been given a new architectural makeover as part of the national tourist route, and is the perfect spot for photographing Geiranger and the cruise ships on the Geiranger fjord.

Friaren – the suitor

The confectionary Friaren is an exclusive taste for adults with a single malt whisky with a hint of smoke from the Isle of Islay in Scotland. Legend says that the suitor which gave its name to the waterfall Friaren, which falls on two sides of a mountain shaped like a bottle, hit the bottle after he proposed to all the seven sisters on the other side of the Geiranger fjord and was rejected by them all.

Kraftkar – strong man

An invigorating chocolate with «Kraftkar» blue cheese from Tingvollost cheese makers in Nordmøre. We melt the cheese and add a bit of extra spice with Gammel Opland aquavit and Himalayan salt. Try it and get hooked!
We are not alone in appreciating the cheese from Tingvoll. Kraftkar won a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham in 2011.


A fresh combination of dark chocolate and large, richly-flavoured raspberries from the neighbouring village of Norddal.
The village is a fjordside gem, with an octagonal church from 1782 and a row of old boat houses. Herdalssetra pasture farm in the heart of the world heritage area is a working mountain farm with about 300 milking goats.


The filling is a blend of white chocolate and juicy blueberries, locally picked, and full of antioxidants. The colourful, purple filling is covered by a thin coat of dark 70 per cent chocolate. This confectionary is named after the best known and richest mountain farm in Geirangerfjord: Skageflå.


The best strawberries in the world from Valldal blended with white chocolate and topped with glorious dark chocolate. Pure enjoyment – yum!
Valldal provides good growing conditions for fruit and berries.  Field after field of strawberries cover the entire valley, which reaches 30 kilometres from Norddalsfjorden to the top of Trollstigen.  Valldal strawberries are extra sweet because they are allowed to ripen slowly. About half of all strawberries used in Norway’s food industry are from Valldal.


The brown cheese chocolate is a confectionary with new, distinctively Norwegian caramel taste. Vesterås is our best seller to both Norwegian and foreign customers. We melt Norway’s iconic brown cheese and blend it with the supreme summer honey from farmer Dale’s farm. The bees make the honey from the same mountain flowers that the goats and cows that provide the milk for the brown cheese were grazing on.