Chocolate maker Bengt Dahlberg has had a passion for chocolate for a long time. Now his ambition for Geiranger Sjokolade is to produce exquisite chocolate with local ingredients, inspired by Norwegian fjords and mountains.

The best seller this far has been the brown cheese chocolate Vesterås, both for Norwegian and foreign customers. The confectionary has a new and distinctly Norwegian caramel taste with brown cheese flavour. The name Vesterås is from the farm situated on the mountainside a few hair pin bends from Geiranger centre, where the goats graze in the fertile cultural heritage landscape.

Fjordnær chocolate comes in many and new flavours including brown cheese, olive oil and sea salt, nuts, apricots, blue cheese, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, chilli, aquavit and whisky.

New tastes are continuously being developed. Find your own fjord favourite!